Deep personalization by Amazon for its prime customers

| 31 Jan 2019

I am a Amazon Prime customer but surprisingly never received this mail. This is a featured snippet from Lokesh Gupta (Director of Product Management, CarDekho). It caught my eye as this tells how deep is Amazon's targeting -

How much do you love your customers?

How much do you know about your customers?

What can you do for your customers?

How would make your customer's life better?

I am an early customer of Amazon Prime membership and it has been a driving factor for me to shop more on Amazon.

Another reason is the services that come with it like Prime Video's which help me and my family watch movies conveniently anytime anywhere.

I was surprised and happy to receive an email from Amazon stating that I was not utilizing my Prime membership to the fullest.

Well as a prime member, I am now entitled to Amazon Prime Music which is advertisement free and have tons of all my favorite songs.

I have earlier used Gaana (paid member) and Wynk music. The ads are quite annoying on the free version of these apps.

So hoping to have some fun again at no extra cost :)

Amazon does know what I want :).

It has huge customer data to find opportunities to grow and cross-sell products.

A #product #manager's life revolves around customer data and finding intelligence in it to build growth strategies.

#productmanagement lessons

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