Canva - The Design Tool for non-Designers

| 14 Mar 2019

Featured product review from Sugandha, PM at Electronic Arts (EA).

My favorite Product? Canva!

What do they do? They make it super easy for non-designers to design beautiful art assets of all kinds.

What value does it add?

1. We as a generation are more Design-centric in our approach to technology than ever before, and considering that the focus on Design and aesthetics will only continue to grow, this is a rather unique and futuristic problem to solve!

2. For a creatively-hungry cohort of humans like ours, the joy of creating something, no matter how small, is unparalleled. Great psychological value, if you ask me.

3. From banners for various social sites to infographics to logos to resumes to book covers and whatnot, Canva offers hundreds of templates and millions of art assets with a high level of customizability. They figured it out -- if content is king in this age, art and design are its queen. They've just made the queen accessible to all.

Great for young startups and SMBs. If you have a good aesthetic sense, you don't really need a graphic designer as long as you have Canva.


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