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Learning Hackathons 4

4 Weeks | Real-world Problem Solving | Continuous Feedback

About Learning Hackathons

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. A lot of our members have enjoyed the Weekly Challenge format where they get to improve existing products, in a short time.

Some members asked us: can we have something where we can go through the whole design and product process from scratch? And along the way, can we also get feedback on improvements?

Voila, we give you Learning Hackathons: a 4 week program of deep problem solving coupled with continous feedback, peer learning, live sessions and yes, prizes.

Participants will need to pick any app or product of their choice from a sector decided by UXHack eg. Fintech, E-commerce.

Each week, you will then be given a problem statement on one key skill: Research, Analytical Ability, Problem Solving, Design Sense.

Mid of the week you will get one-on-one feedback from us on your draft submission, before the final submission for that week. You will also get feedback on your final submission, each week.

All along you will be scored and can track your progress: find strengths and areas of improvements. You will also be competing with other participants and learn from them: you can view their submissions and interact with them via an exclusive slack/whatsapp group.

Finally, each week we will have a discussion on the key insights and learning from the past week.

Oh and one more thing: There will be a ‘demo day’ at the end where the top ranked participants get to present to judges from top companies and stand a chance to win the grand prize.

Key Features

Continuous Feedback

1-on-1 feedback twice each week

Track progress

View and find areas of improvement across key skills

Peer Learning

Learn from other participants, view solutions and network


Weekly and overall prizes Books, vouchers and more

Test your ideas

Tap into an audience to validate your thoughts, ideas

Live discussions + insights

Discussion each week on the focus area, insigths, learnings

What past participants have to say

Rashmi Bharath

Rashmi Bharath

Head CX, Subex

I’ve had a wonderful experience working on the challenges that UXHack posted. The detailed feedback and perspectives provided were thought-provoking and insightful. Overall, it was a great learning experience! Kudos to the UX Hack team for this initiative of theirs which is truly one of a kind.


Prajwal Gupta

Growth, Truemeds

I’m used to giving feedback in my organisation, but I’ve not seen better feedback given like this before. It was very constructive. It really helped and also taught me how to give good feedback.




UX hackathon is a unique concept. Interesting problems, weekly deliverables, peer learning and insightful feedback, it’s faster way to become a better UX designer.



prev. UX Designer, Blackstraw.ai

My first reality check about knowledge regarding UX happened on this platform, where I got to interact with interesting minds from different professions, who came together to come up with best possible solutions to real life scenarios. The expertise and knowledge base that UXHack team has brought in is commendable. I am looking forward to participating in more challenges ahead.

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