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Ui Improvement Suggestion For Yourstory

Somehow the current UI of yourstory is not working for me. Not sure what they want me to focus on - the first row itself is an Ad which brings the experience down or are they trying to be yet another mainstream media? I would have pushed the first ad after the main fold. Also the placements of trending is confusing - are the below trending or the hashtags - since those ideally were the website sections.  

Again 'write your story' is also not standing out. It could have been highlighted by the brand color if they really want users to submit story?

How Interesting Ui Layout Of Zest Takes Its User Experience And Engagement Much Higher

Zest (www.zest.is) is a one cool content website that I use on a daily basis. Apart from some cool articles shared by other marketers, what makes it more engaging is cool UI layout of its chrome extension.

Kudos to the team behind it that has taken the content consumption more engaging. Be it use of single click filters at the top or intelligent placement of tags on the right, or quick stats view for each article, as a user I am highly engaged! 

Apart From The Concept, The Ux Is What Makes Farfaraway More Interesting!

I came across farfaraway (http://www.farfaraway.co) sometime back. There are many astrology sites but what makes this one interesting is the way it presents the information to its users.

The website design is very refreshing. Use of minimalist theme with good combination of font and dual color tones definitely adds to the UX and would want you to try this out. Explore it and let me know what you would have improved on this?

How Upwork Makes Aware A User Of Its Product Feature At The Right Moment

One of the constant struggle any product manager has is that how a product feature can be made aware to a user and get them to use it. Hence, found this interesting. Upwork is a freelancing platform and one of the feature it provides is seamless communication between project owner and freelancer.

However, with so many open communication products like Skype, Google Hangouts available, they know that a user might tend to prefer some other channel and thus a higher probability to take conversation out of Upwork. Hence, they try to introduce the feature to users when they are most likely to deflect. That is when they ask the other party to say share Skype details. Upwork catches the keyword and shows a pop-up right there highlighting how the user can use in-build communication features of Upwork. I for sure got converted and gave it a try! One of the best hacks I have come across around building feature awareness and adoption at the right moment.

Getting Appreciation For Nation Building Takes The Thank You Idea To A Next Level!

How often you come across an e-mail campaign from a government body thanking you for contribution towards Nation Building? Though getting congratulations/appreciation mail has been a norm when it comes to your typical online businesses or from loyalty programs of a private player, no one expects a government body to use this in their e-mail marketing.

So, when I got an e-mail which was all about govt. thanking me for my contribution towards nation building, I felt honored and privileged at the same time. This for me is one good move towards encouraging retention. And yes, timing couldn't have been better considering today is India's Republic Day!

Timesjobs Use Of Trending Topic In Email Marketing

It is very tough for job portals to differentiate these days. Hence, it is very essential for them to keep on trying new ideas and hacks to get the attention of registered users. With demonetisation being a hot topic in India these days, lot of digital players have encashed this opportunity as it's a direct fit. However, for job portals to use it in a creative way like how it is done by Timesjobs in its email marketing is definitely a good hack that I am sure would definitely increase the open rates.
Facebook Uses Recommendation Feature To Increase Engagement

Facebook is all about features which a user can relate to. Hence, apart from 'People you may know' which has been there for long, it has also introduced content recommendation feature to boost engagement!
How Amazon Captures Feedback For Ads On Its Website

Generally we see feedback getting captured either in pop-up or using e-mail based surveys. And generally for ads, I have never seen a feedback being captured at the right moment. Though on Amazon, found the placement of 'Ad feedback' very interesting. It is subtle yet will come into your notice. A good way to capture more feedback during moment of truth.
Linkedin's New Feature To Increase Engagement

Suggestions based on similar interests seems to be one popular growth hack most products use to increase engagement. Recently observed something similar on LinkedIn around content recommendations where in my timeline LinkedIn was recommending a Marketing Analytics video with a heading - 'People like you are watching' Interesting way to get more engagement on community driven content!
Twitter's New Engagement Feature - You Might Like

Twitter has recently rolled out a new feature called 'You might like'. It's an interesting feature as it helps a user to get notified of relevant content which people he is following have liked. A good feature that can definitely help Twitter to improve the average amount of time a user spends in a ...
Snapdeal Partnership With Maggi Is A Cool Sales Hack

E-Commerce marketplace is a hyper competitive segment in India. Likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon keep on trying various means to acquire new users as well as retain the existing ones. They spend tons of money on both user acquisition and retention due to which their unit economics goes for a toss. In that context, e-commerce marketplace always needs to try out of the box ideas and hacks to get the maximum value out of their marketing spend. This is what Snapdeal achieved in its partnership with Maggi when the ban on the latter got lifted. Snapdeal was able to sold 60,000 maggi kits within five minutes. Maggi being a household brand would have definitely helped Snapdeal to acquire many more users with this just one masterstroke. http://www.thehindu.com/business/60000-maggi-kits-sold-out-in-5-minutes-on-snapdeal/article7869166.ece
Google Now Notifications At The Right Time

Google Now is an app for providing personalized services based on user interactions. One of the services it provides is the estimated time of commute via Google Maps. Google now provides intelligent notifications on mobile about the commuting time from Home to Work and vice versa. In order to ensure a user is retained with Google Now on a daily basis, rather than letting user manually clicking and checking for commuting time, they provide the approximate time already as a mobile notification based on time of day, thus doing two things at once, motivating users to go inside and know the directions and that too in a single tap.
A Feature That Motivates Users To Remain Engaged On Linked In

In order to motivate users to remain engaged on LinkedIn, it has provided a feature that lets user know important news about their connections. So, as a user, I do not have to go around finding what's new with my connections. On home page, itself, Linked In provides a section of the most important events that have happened such as work anniversary, job change or promotion! Definitely helps a user to stick around more on Linked In in a single visit.
Use Of Links In Descriptive Content By Mailchimp

MailChimp - an email marketing software product intelligently hyperlinks to relevant call to actions while describing its features. This is a great way to ensure that flow doesn't break while reading but also at the same time if a user decides to take further action, he need not have to look around on website. This is a good hack to increase acquisition by playing around with content.
Hootsuite's Use Of Contextual Google Ad On Buffer Brings Awareness At The Right Moment

Hootsuite is a social media management product. It intelligently uses google ads on its competitors for better awareness. For example, if someone is searching for ‘Buffer’ - another leading product in similar space , the ad shown in the image shows up. What's interesting is the way the ad copy has been articulated. It is very contextual as the user will be interested in knowing what makes HootSuite different from Buffer. This is definitely a good hack to increase the awareness at the right time and in the right way.


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