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  • 😎Fun way to learn and improve Design & Product Skills
  • 🗓New challenge Every week  on a Brand, Product in the news
  • Time required to solve is a few hours but you will get 3-4 days
  • 🎨No specific submission format. Choose what you like:  Video, Audio, Document . Just ensure to  get your thoughts across
  • Temporary  Whatsapp group  to discuss ideas, thoughts, share knowledge and clear doubts
  • Youtube iconLive discussion  after each challenge on the  Product Insights  from the challenge
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These are weekly prizes and given to winners of each challenge
Terms & Conditions
- A challenge will only go live if there are at least 5 participants
- Winners will only be announced if there are a minimum of 3 quality submissions
- UXHack reserves the right to cancel a challenge once launched
- The brands considered in ‘public challenges’ do not have any role to play in these challenges. This is solely an initiative by UXHack to improve these products as part of skills showcase and learning objectives of our users. All such brand logos or any other media shown belongs to respective brands and is not owned by UXHack
- The registration fee is non-refundable, unless UXHack cancels a challenge for unforeseen circumstances
- A participant must submit a solution herself to be able to ‘View solutions’ from others (if that plan is chosen)
- UXHack reserves the right to change/update prices without prior notice, except to paid subscribers
- UXHack reserves the right to add, remove or modify benefits provided under each mode or Monthly pass without prior notice except to paid subscribers

No. Once purchased a Season Pass cannot be cancelled.

🌟What’s New in Season 04
Weekly Challenges are back! 🤟🏻
And boy do we have some ✨nice things✨ coming.

A lot of experiments 🧪, some formalisation of past (successful) experiments and a season that promises to be a lot more, should we say, ‘social’

👥Teams: No, not the Microsoft kinds. But the ability to participate as a team in weekly challenges. The idea comes thanks our super enthu community member @Gagan. For now an experiment, but we have a good feeling about this. More details on teams and how to join/create one or get matched. 🧪

🎟Season Pass: The monthly pass was, by all measures very successful. And so we are making it a pass for the whole season. Get access to everything from the Season for all 6 challenges: Solutions, discussions, detailed scoring, everything. No brainer . Oh and Season Pass holders can tap into mentors (more below).

🙋🏻‍♀Mentors: Wanted help with a challenge and didn’t know who to ask? Wanted a guide/a mentor someone you could bounce your thoughts off? Well, we have you covered. Tap into our mentor network, made up of past winners, as they guide you throughout the season and share their knowledge and insights. Available only to Season Pass holders, and with no extra charges. Also an experiment, and available on a first come first serve basis 🧪

🎡Audience Pass: We heard you when you said you love the challenges but just can’t get around to submitting every time. Well, we have just the fix for you. An audience pass gives you access to all the discussions, solutions and chat forums for all challenges.

🔥Fireside chats with winners: Get to hear from the winners on their thoughts and how they approached the challenge and solutions. Every Saturday night at 10PM IST. Think of this like the Chai pe Charcha version of products. Last time we did this, we had some fab conversations. Hoping for more!

🏆More Reward options: Mock interviews, CV & Portfolios Reviews, Recommended books or the good old Amazon Vouchers. Choose what you like. We like rewarding our winners and choice is a good thing! Oh and there are Overall Season Prizes and Season Leaderboard too

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