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About PM Hiring Hackathon
UXHack presents a unique PM Hiring Hackathon. This is an online event, where participants will be evaluated on key PM skills like Design, Feature Identification, Competition Analysis & Prioritization through challenges based on real world products. The challenges are meant to test a candidate’s approach to solve a problem and thus let a company evaluate talent without any bias (such as background). As such, the event can be considered as a filtering mechanism that is based on actual problem solving. Basis previous events, we expect 100+ candidates to participate.

Dates: 14 Sept - 26 Sept' 19

Candidate Registrations start: 9 Sept

Problem statements go live: 14 Sept

Deadline for submission: 22 Sept

Results declared: 26 Sept


Who can participate?

- Open to all Product companies and startups looking to hire for product roles (PM/APM)

- Open to all candidates (preferably 0-3yrs PM work ex)

How it works?

- The event will be completely online event, including signup, participation, evaluation and company-candidate interfacing

- Participation is Free for both companies and candidates. However, there will be limited slots which will be allotted on a first-come-first serve basis

- The challenges will be made available to participants online and they will have 10 days to come up with solutions

- UXHack will moderate all the solutions, score each entry and provide a ranking of the top performers (overall and for each problem). A company is also free to separately evaluate a candidate’s solution if they so choose

- Once a company is interested in a candidate, they can show their interest on the UXHack platform and we will connect the two parties, after which the company can move ahead with it’s hiring process

Type of challenges candidates will be tested on?

- UXHack will provide 2 challenges (with smaller tasks in-built) that test a variety of PM skills: Design, Prioritization, New feature Identification and Competition Analysis. Each task will revolve around a different industry vertical to ensure the evaluation is well balanced

- Some sample challenges from events we’ve conducted previously are available on our Learning Hackathon page

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