How Upwork makes aware a user of its product feature at the right moment

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How Upwork makes aware a user of its product feature at the right moment

What's interesting about it?

One of the constant struggle any product manager has is that how a product feature can be made aware to a user and get them to use it. Hence, found this interesting. Upwork is a freelancing platform and one of the feature it provides is seamless communication between project owner and freelancer.

However, with so many open communication products like Skype, Google Hangouts available, they know that a user might tend to prefer some other channel and thus a higher probability to take conversation out of Upwork. Hence, they try to introduce the feature to users when they are most likely to deflect. That is when they ask the other party to say share Skype details. Upwork catches the keyword and shows a pop-up right there highlighting how the user can use in-build communication features of Upwork. I for sure got converted and gave it a try! One of the best hacks I have come across around building feature awareness and adoption at the right moment.

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