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Deep personalization by Amazon for its prime customers

I am a Amazon Prime customer but surprisingly never received this mail. This is a featured snippet from Lokesh Gupta (Director of Product Management, CarDekho). It caught my eye as this tells how deep is Amazon's targeting -

How much do you love your customers?

How much do you know about your customers?

What can ...

Amazon brings in Single page payment flow

I noticed Amazon modifying its payment flow. Previously the flow needed the user to navigate through two pages after clicking ‘Buy now’

But now, if your address is preselected Amazon shows a slider on the same page where only CVV needs to be added. Post this it shows an option to ‘Slide to Place order ...

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How Amazon captures feedback for ads on its website

Generally we see feedback getting captured either in pop-up or using e-mail based surveys. And generally for ads, I have never seen a feedback being captured at the right moment.

Though on Amazon, found the placement of 'Ad feedback' very interesting. It is subtle yet will come into your notice. A good way to capture ...