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UX Snippets from Community

 Sachin > Some quick UX experiments on Gaana's main page

Few content improvements will help in better navigation by end users.

1. Instead of 'discover' - I would have used either 'collections' or 'themes' as that is what reflects the actual feature. This will also evoke more curiosity.

2. Under Radio, I would have tried adding what is currently playing for each type of radio. This helps in better description of type of songs that a user can expect and also can help in more clicks.

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 Sarthak > A quick enhancement to Gaana's search feature

Gaana's current search is a bit irritating to me. And even trending doesn't help either. I would have made trending 15 pop up with three main search categories - Artist, Album and Songs. That way a total of 45 pre-defined options can be made available for user.

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