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Groww is well known for two things: discount broking and a simple yet great user experience. 

Over the last year, Groww, along with several other players have seen a tremendous growth, both in volumes as well as new users, on their investment platforms.

Opening a trading account in India, has always been a hassle: documents, forms, signatures, bank account details, the works! But with the availability of e-KYC, simpler demat creation processes and friendly regulations, a ‘fully online’ account opening process became a reality. 

And Groww has leveraged this to create one of the relatively better onboarding experiences, if not one of the best.

However, even today, despite trying to provide a simple onboarding experience, there are atleast 10-18 different steps involved, for a new user to create a trading account with Groww

In this challenge we want to check if this process can be optimised even further. 

If you think yes, there is a scope to optimise, then you need to back it up with the improvements needed. These can be in the form of a note/mock/wireframe for each optimisation. Limit the optimisations to 3 and focus on the most impactful ones, which are likely to give the highest uptake i.e. more successful registrations

If instead you feel no, there is no scope to optimise, you need to back this view up as well. There are various ways to do this. For eg, analyse competitors, check up regulations etc. More on this in the QnA

There are no right or wrong answers here: but whichever you choose, it has to be a considered, well thought out view.

We’ll be sharing more details, articles and notes on the forum. Do check it out


Incase you would not like to try the app yourself, or are unable to do so, you can check out this blog post from Groww which has all the required screens for the current flow: 

Groww has also created a video explainer:  

You can consider either the mobile app or the desktop website for this challenge: we’d recommend the app

This challenge is NOT hosted by Groww is and only a learning exercise

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