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Weekend Hackathons - Launch

Akshay Kanade | Nov 2023
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We are excited to launch a short Hackathon format called Weekend Hackathons at UXHack. Participants get one weekend to improve one screen in a real world product.

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UXH Jobs v 2.0

Akshay Kanade | Sep 2023
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We are pleased to announce the launch of UXHack Jobs 2.0. A curated jobs for PMs & Designers. New Jobs added everyday

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UX is not just about Design

Akshay Kanade | Jan 2023
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While one can create great designs, in order to translate those designs and experiences into quality products, one needs developers with an eye for UX.

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Launching UX Observatory

UXHack Team | Jul 2022
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UX Observatory: Do real tasks for our clients and UXHack, give feedback on UX and earn some cash or in-kind benefits

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About Eldorado

UXHack Team | May 2020
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Over the course of 2 years we’ve conducted several UX Hackathons: be it physical or completely online, be it for learning or for improving commercial products, be it for social good or government initiatives, be it for Hiring or just for fun. Along the

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Weekly Challenges

UXHack Team | Mar 2020
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Weekly challenges are a fun, quick way to sharpen your product and design skills. Each week we’ll host a new challenge, based on a product or topic of interest. And you need to hack out a quick solution.

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Launching Leaderboard

UXHack Team | Nov 2018
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We are happy and proud to present Leaderboards to you today. We are excited with this launch because this opens up many possibilities for all the awesome stuff you have done so far and will do on UXHack (more on this later).

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