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Context: Conversational UX

India’s Covid-19 vaccination program is now gathering momentum, with 60cr doses administered. However, even now, only about 15% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated, while about 50% has received atleast 1 dose.

At this rate, even by Dec 2021, India would only have vaccinated 32% of its population. 

Hence, with the growing availability of vaccines, there is a need to push for vaccinations across channels and make the whole process easier. 

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Health made appointment bookings available via a WhatsApp Chatbot. 

In this challenge you need to make the appointment booking process, via this WhatsApp chatbot, more intuitive.

Given that a chatbot has no ‘interface’, apart from text, the focus of this challenge is writing better UX copy i.e. Conversational UX. You can consider the following scenario:
An individual has already taken her/his first dose, now due for the 2nd dose, and wants to book a slot. You can begin the chatbot here: 

- Only one member needs to book a slot
- The beneficiary details have already been added

Your solution can be in the form of mocks with the improved copies, or a prototype (incase you’d like to show interactions), or simply the copy in the form of text for the scenario.

- Given that there are several flows even with this one scenario, you can focus on any one, but from start to finish i.e. from starting the chat to the last step of booking: you need not actually book the appointment!
- While the chatbot is available in English and Hindi, we encourage you to explore more natural languages of communication (please provide translations in English where needed, so as to enable evaluations)
- Reference articles and links related to conversational UX will be shared on the forum
- This challenge is NOT hosted by the Govt of India or its ministries, but is only a learning exercise

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