Context: Competitor Analysis and Differentiation

You are a Product Manager* at Hotstar. Of late the market for video streaming has become commoditised with most apps providing similar experiences. You are tasked with elevating the experience on your app. This challenge has 2 parts:

Part A: Competition(weightage 60%)

You’ve been asked to evaluate your competitors to find features that they have which you can implement/adopt. You need to list out 3 of the top features that will improve the user experience of your app, should they be adopted. Also, a justification is needed for each of the features you propose.

The following can be considered as direct competitors to your app:

a. YouTube

b. Netflix

c. Amazon Prime Video

If needed, you can check out other apps, but it’s best to be focused.

Your aim is to suggest features and NOT to share a side-by-side comparison of the apps.

Part b: X Factor (weightage 40%)

You’ve been tasked with the responsibility to come up with a new feature, an X factor, for your app. This feature is meant to differentiate Hotstar from other streaming apps. Please note, you need to suggest a product feature. Hence, any marketing or content/catalogue enhancement related features are not to be suggested.

You need to suggest, in simple terms, what the feature is and how it will work. Wireframes are not essential, but the concept should be communicated clearly.

The features suggested (in both parts A and B) should impact the following metrics positively:

1. Engagement: Overall time spent on the app

2. % video completion

3. Daily Active users (DAUs)

4. App Rating

5. Subscriptions

Expected output: PDF Preferred

Links to Mobile Apps

Android: Click Here

iOS: Click Here

Important points:

- If you are using screenshots, it’s a good practice to annotate them

- We are NOT looking for redesigns, but listing of features and why they are worth adopting

- You can solve for any one platform: Android or iOS

- Hotstar is NOT hosting this challenge. This is a Learning exercise

- For those outside India or if you are unable to use Hotstar for any reason, please drop us a line at so that we can share screens with you

*Product Manager/Designer

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