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Ikea India Desktop Site Home Page

IKEA celebrates one year of its launch in India. With this, it also is about to launch its 2nd store just outside Mumbai and online purchases.

IKEA provides a fantastic shopping experience at its stores across the globe but can that experience be replicated online, especially given IKEA’s limited presence in India.

In this challenge you need to find 3 ways in which IKEA can optimize its online experience, specially in the Indian context.

The areas that can be worked on

- Communication of offers/benefits/programs/assembly tie-up

- Communication of the constraints

- Simplifying checkout flow given delivery constraints

- Speed and image rendering optimizations

- Signup flows (both account and IKEA family)

#These are only indicative, you can choose to go beyond these

Some hints:

- IKEA runs a fantastic IKEA family program

- IKEA has a deep integration with UrbanClap

Important points:

- We are not interested in optimisations to the final checkout (redirection to and payment flows, since we are hopeful IKEA is already fixing these

- For a positive Pincode you can use a Mumbai Pincode (eg 400021)

- If you are using screenshots, it’s a good practice to annotate them

- You can solve for any one platform: mobile or web (flow starts from

- IKEA is NOT hosting this challenge. This is a Learning exercise.

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