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Six No-Code Tools You can Use for Business

Nishith Gupta | 27 Jul 2023
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We use quite a few no-code tools at UXHack. Here are the 6 main ones we use quite frequently.

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An Ideal PRD for Web Analytics

Nishith Gupta | 04 Jul 2023
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I have extensively used quite a few analytics products like GA, Heap, FullStory. While everyone tries to improve their offerings, I still feel no one has done a perfect job till date. Here's what I think an ideal analytics product should have

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TDS Dividend email looks scarier than it is

Nishith Gupta | 27 Jun 2023
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Here's a classic case of how a lack of UX principles in important emails makes it lose the purpose for which the Email was sent in the first place. Example here is of TCS Dividend email

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AWS vs DigitalOcean from UX lens

Nishith Gupta | Sep 2022
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While AWS (Amazon Web Services) is certainly miles ahead of Digital Ocean when it comes to the breadth and depth of cloud offerings, I thought for someone who is just getting started on setting up a cloud, let me try to compare both from UX lens

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How we built a Social Media Management Tool using no-code stack

Nishith Gupta | Jul 2022
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We built our own Social Media Management tool using no-code stack to help us improve our productivity. Read on how we went about creating it.

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Is Hackathon concept only good for Ideation?

Nishith Gupta | May 2022
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That's what even I thought when I learned about hackathons for the very first time! In fact, I can't blame it as most hackathons that one would see are about Ideation and building a quick Proof of concept for it. I think this stems from the fact that ge

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Is Gmail the new Email?

Nishith Gupta | Sep 2021
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Atleast that's what our data from UXHack signed up users says so

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Tools we used at UXHack in 2020

Nishith Gupta | Dec 2020
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As a digital and remote first business, we have always focused on leveraging tools to the fullest for managing and growing our startup. Often when I interact with others and they learn about our full-time team size (2 members), the expression has always

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